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What is Augie's Quest?

What is Augie's Quest?

Augie's Quest is determined to find a cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease), which affects some 5,000 Americans each year, and many more abroad. With ALS, a person loses ability to control movement. The brain remains perfectly normal, eventually trapped in an unusable body. Life expectancy is generally five to 10 years from diagnosis.

Since its inception in 2006, Augie's Quest has raised more than $36 million in donations.

Click here to view the Augie's Quest website.

Meet Augie

Augie Nieto founded Life Fitness 40 years ago. If you've stepped into a gym since then, you've seen his work. His quest in that time was to make the world healthier through physical fitness. Now, his quest has expanded.

In 2005, Augie was diagnosed with ALS, and since then, Augie and his family have worked with the ALS Therapy Development Institute towards effective treatments and cures.

What is the E.P.C.F.? E.P.C.F.

What is the E.P.C.F.?

The Employee Partners Care Foundation (E.P.C.F.) is a 501(c)3 fund established to help Employee Partners of ClubCorp's family of clubs in need of financial assistance in times of crisis. Funds for the E.P.C.F. come from Employee Partner donations, as well as private donations.

  • The E.P.C.F. has assisted more than 1,500 Employee Partners and their families with grants since its inception in 2007.
  • Since 2007, the E.P.C.F. has granted over $1,800,000 in assistance to Employee Partners and their families.

Click here to visit the E.P.C.F. website.

Meet our Employee Partners

An Employee Partner's 2-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, which had already spread to her bone and bone marrow – stage IV. The E.P.C.F. assisted with several mortgage payments over the last two years.

An Employee Partner was a victim of domestic violence resulting in the need to move with children to a motel. The E.P.C.F. assisted with permanent relocation by paying two month's rent and the deposit for an apartment.

An Employee Partner's home was flooded during heavy rainfall. The homeowners insurance did not cover flooding, leaving the Employee Partner to pay for all damages, including a large amount of structural damage and the loss of the furnace. The E.P.C.F. assisted by paying a portion of floor and wall repair.

An Employee Partner's 18-year-old daughter passed away unexpectedly due to a seizure resulting in coma and ultimately death. The E.P.C.F. provided assistance with funeral expenses.

What are the local charities?

What are the local charities?

During the Charity Classic, each club in the ClubCorp family may add a third charity of the club's choice. If a charity is chosen, the profits from the Charity Classic are split evenly three ways among Augie's Quest, the E.P.C.F. and the club's charity. In the past, clubs have chosen local charities such as:

  • Family HealthCare Center
  • American Mobility Foundation
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Livestrong
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • La Buena Vida Foundation
  • Abused Children's Protection Fund
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Small World and Kid Swing
  • Heroes for Children
  • Summer Santa
  • Communities Foundation of Texas
  • Susan G. Komen/Rally for the Cure
  • And many more

To find out more about your local club's charity of choice, find your club in the Find an Event section.

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Open to the public

You don't have to be a Member to give, golf and dine. Our clubs open their doors to the public for the annual Charity Classic.